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The Commonwealth is a global family of fifty-three countries. That’s one-third of the world’s population, 60 percent of whom are under the age of 30. This potential in the most connected generation of all time is compelling. Their collective strength, passion and perspective present a unique opportunity to bring about positive change for now and for the generations that follow.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust will use its network, platform and experience, together with the collaborative input of like-minded foundations and supporters, to enable young leaders to realise their dreams and hopes for the future.

Our mission

We want to be a platform for young change-makers across the Commonwealth. A place where smart ideas are shared, sparking inspiration. Where the cumulative impact of thousands of small acts of kindness can be seen and celebrated. A place where more and more people feel motivated and enabled to step up and take action – no matter how small.

We find and fund young people whose bright ideas solve local problems in education, health, the environment and sport. We support those who have set up their own not-for-profit organisations, as well as those who are leading projects that help others.

We are just starting out, but our ambitions are bold. The young people we work with are our partners, bringing insight and expertise. By connecting them with our experienced partners and friends, we will create a network where mentorship, resources and skills are shared. Our platform will be a place for learning – where successes and failures are shared, guiding and empowering others so ventures can move ahead faster than ever.

Our work together will demonstrate the values of the Commonwealth in action, through the leadership, energy and optimism of its young people.

View our current projects here, or find out more about our team here.

‘You are the most optimistic, connected generation the world has ever known.’

Prince Harry

Our Story

A legacy of service to others

The Queen has always believed in young people’s ability to positively transform lives across communities and much further beyond. On her 21st birthday, The Queen dedicated her life to the service of others, inviting young people to join her and help make progress for all.

Our President, Prince Harry recognises the potential the Commonwealth family has - with this generation's vision, passion, effort and connectivity – to make a lasting beneficial impact with their ideas for hopeful social change.


On her 21st birthday, The Queen dedicated her life to the service of others.

How we work

We work in partnership with a network of friends who share our belief in young people. They collaborate with us, providing advice and practical help. Through our funding partners, we will make small grants to young people who are leading their own not-for-profit organisations, or short-term projects that solve long-term problems. Giving grants in this way helps us keep administration costs as low as possible. Where we fund young people who have founded their own not-for-profit organisations, we aim in time to offer long-term support, to help them grow.

We can't fund everyone, but we make our other resources, advice, know-how and inspiration, available to all.

Annual Report and Accounts

Our latest 2017 - 2018 Annual Report can be viewed here [PDF] A print-friendly version can be accessed here [PDF]

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