APPENDIX 1: “Being Safer Online Rules” for people engaging on QCT online platforms

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust welcomes the opportunity to connect with people across the world through social media platforms, to create a safe, positive and beneficial online environment, and for you to engage with us. We want you to join the conversation, and celebrate our differences, so even where you disagree with someone else, please use a constructive approach to enrich the conversation and listen to others’ points of view.

Users of our social media platforms are expected to abide by the following ‘Being Safer Rules’ to ensure a safe and positive experience for everyone.


• Engage in a positive, constructive way with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust’s online community. • Follow the social media platform’s terms of use as well as these terms of use. • Post content which is inoffensive to others. • Treat other users, The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, and our partners and stakeholders respectfully online. • Report to the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust if other users are not following these guidelines. • Think before you post. Responding quickly does not mean doing so without due consideration. • Before posting. ask yourself "is this my image or story to share and if not, do I have informed written consent to share it?"

We reserve the right to mute, block, ban and/or report users who are considered to be:

• Bullying, trolling, harassing or intimidating any individual or organisation. • Making unwanted contact with other users. • Posting content which could offend, for example (but not limited to) abusive, threatening, harmful, disrespectful, obscene, sexually oriented or racially offensive content. • Posting content which is promoting violent extremism or inciting terrorism. • Misleading other users, for example by posting fake news. • Infringing or violating someone else's rights. • Advertising products or services. • Posting illegal content, such as: - Indecent images. - Sexual content. - URLs (A link to anything that is against the QCTs ethos should be removed). - Advertising or spam. - Promoting self-harm and suicide. - Witness intimidation. - Copyright (Content which appears to break any copyright laws has to be removed). - Threats of harm.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust is committed to safeguarding children and young people and adults at risk from abuse and exploitation. Any posts which are considered to have committed a criminal offence or deemed a safeguarding risk will be dealt with and will be reported to the authorities as appropriate.

Consider your personal online safety and privacy:

• Use secure devices, passwords, internet connection and cover your webcam. Only purchase online though secure sites • Think about what you download - could it be a virus? • Know who you are talking to - not everyone is who they say they are, don’t share personal information or accept friend requests from people you don’t know • Think before you post, consider your audience, the tone of your message, and how the content you post will impact your digital footprint.

Should you wish to report a safeguarding concern please contact us via our online form.