We support young leaders who are making a vital difference in their local communities.

The organisations we work with are tackling issues like poverty, the effects of climate change, lack of access to health care and education, employability and more.

The founders understand these problems and have the right solutions to tackle them. We support their work at a tipping point when a small amount of money can act as a catalyst for sustainable growth and impact.

By sharing their experiences and insights, we hope to inspire more projects like these, helping change happen even faster.

Organisations we support
A powerful global network

The work that founders undertake is challenging and complex. The Queens Commonwealth Trust provides access to a mission-aligned global network of over 800 young leaders who can learn together and share resources, ideas and advice to further their work and impact. It is a powerhouse of collaboration, where successes, failure and solutions are shared to help everyone achieve more.

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Practical tools and guidance

We work side by side with founders and their teams to identify key areas of improvement for their organisations. We follow this with bespoke training and practical advice to help them build strong and resilient systems and strengthen their organisations. This support helps to make them more sustainable and more attractive to donors and investors, and ultimately deliver more value for others. Through our Resources Hub, we are working on extending this offer online so many more young people can get the information they need to strengthen their organisations.  

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