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Defeating Doubt and Perceiving Purpose

By Jak Hardy, Founder of WorldChangers Global

Choked by self-doubt. Crippled by the words and deeds of other people. Caught up in the struggles of identity, place, purpose. Let’s be honest… you’ve been here too, right?

I was raised by a mum, who, despite being single, sick, and unsupported, is the most resilient woman I know. She struggled to make ends meet – although she wouldn’t let on – yet was fierce in expecting MORE for her kids.

She – and latterly, my dad – prioritised education. And I soaked it up! I was the ORIGINAL teachers’ pet! I skipped grades, wrote extra papers, knew Harry Potter back-to-front, and was a regular at writing camps, maths tournaments, and local libraries (#Nerd)!

But academics was the easy part. On the inside, I was trying to reconcile bullying and self-belief, dysfunction and purpose. I was confused. Broken. So, so alone. And then through a newfound faith and a network of imperfect people, I embraced some important lessons about living an extraordinary life.

I’ve studied law, theology, business, and history; and I’ve served in corporates, consultancies, and churches. But in everything I have done, I’ve sensed there was MORE.

With so many role models in my faith community and friendship circle, it’s no wonder why! They challenge me to think differently; to believe that I’m purposed to make a difference. And as much as I strive to rush the process, that purpose is unfolding more vibrantly than I could have imagined!

The chaotic international politics of 2016 drove me to engage with a political movement; one that has strengthened my resolve to catalyse on peoples’ intuition to do good.

How? By investing in a generation of future leaders.

Two years on, and I’ve transformed a series of small projects into a civil society organisation: WorldChangers Global. It’s a corny name, but it’s our heartbeat! Our platforms, programmes, and projects continue to engage, equip and empower pioneers to change the world. I bubble over with excitement every time I talk about it!

And this year, after a month in the UK for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, and a suite of tea-filled conversations, we’ve pivoted and progressed beyond our wildest expectations! Collaborative educational pursuits, innovative teacher training, creative leadership development, and political engagement at the highest level, have become our expression. And it’s only up from here!

It’s tough, though.

Self-doubt, others’ doubt… doubt in its fullness… rears its ugly head at every upward step.

But isn’t that the testimony of EVERY WorldChanger?

We overcome obstacles to clear the path for those who follow in our wake. To invest in emerging leaders.

I see examples of this all the time; in my friend Tamara Richardson, a global development superstar. Or in Kerrie Atherton, a radical extender of hope. And in my friends, Russ and Jenny Barton, who lost a home to give an entire nation a place to belong.

My adventure as a pioneer has been imperfect, isolating, and darn near impossible. And it has cost a heck of a lot. But it’s made easier with a solid team who challenge me to BE better, not DO better. And it’s made worthwhile every time I see a child’s eyes glisten; the realisation that their potential is not only unlimited… it’s within reach!

Conquering new frontiers is the sacrifice young leaders must make. Because there is more. Always more. And because it’s an investment with the most beautiful dividend: human potential, realised.

To find out how you can change the world, check out WorldChangers Global today!


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