QCT in action during COVID-19

For many of the young people we work with around the world, COVID-19 is presenting tremendous challenges, both personally and in their ability to deliver vital services on the ground to help others. Young people across the Commonwealth are continuing to demonstrate their leadership, energy and optimism, but need support, connections and resources more than ever.

Despite the difficulty of this situation, we are seeing incredible examples of solidarity and community partnership across the globe, showing us all how, together, we can make a difference to help each other get through this. In the last few weeks, we have worked hand-in-hand with our network of young people around the world to understand the needs on the ground and help determine our response to the unfolding situation. Through this, we have designed activities where QCT is uniquely positioned to support through our network, platforms and capabilities.

We have been exploring the most relevant themes to young people, which include caring for their businesses, their teams and themselves, and how they are all adapting to the current situation. Through working with young leaders across the Commonwealth, who are all experiencing different versions of this crisis, we will act as a hub over the coming weeks to share what matters to them, how they are responding and what they are learning during this time. We will deliver a range of multi-media content including videos from young leaders on the ground who are adapting and responding to COVID-19, structured e-learning webinars, and online discussions between experts from the Team QCT network to uncover deeper narratives and conversations.

The two overarching themes for April and May are ‘Mental Health and Building Resilience’ and ‘Adapting to Digital’, with young people bringing these to life through an individual, team, organisation or community perspective - or a combination of these. You will see this content posted across our social media channels and on our website.


A message of hope and solidarity from members of the #TeamQCT family.

In April, we are also launching an emergency grants programme through our network to support small organisations delivering vital services during COVID-19. We know that young leaders all over the world will struggle to access funding at a time when the services they provide are needed more than ever. This programme has been designed to support the people and communities too often left behind or forgotten in times of crisis. We will initially roll out through our network to Indigenous Groups and the Pacific, before opening out to other at-risk groups and our wider network. Due to anticipated high demand, we will begin by rolling the programme out to those we invite to apply in our network and through selected referral partners only. We wish we could help more people and we promise this funding will be fairly distributed to those who need it most.

We continue to work closely with our partners and stand alongside young leaders all over the world to champion, fund and connect them during this difficult time - if you would like more information on how you can get involved, please feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe – and stay connected.

Hero photo credit: Simon Abrams on Unsplash

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