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Global HIV Toolkit: A resource for communities fighting HIV

This Global HIV toolkit is the result of a year-long collaboration led by young leaders across the Commonwealth in South Africa and Canada, and has been designed to educate, equip and empower young people to become HIV advocates for change.

The document focuses on three key chapters: HIV education, HIV projects and HIV advocacy, and can be found here.

Please note: The field of HIV is constantly changing, with new knowledge being added daily. It is therefore important to note that information in this educational toolkit will eventually become out of date. Future versions will be made available on the website

Two of the toolkit’s authors, Jessica Dewhurst (Founder of The Justice Desk) and Kayla Brittan (Operations Manager at The Justice Desk) have expressed their hope that this document will allow a better understanding and knowledge of the infection, therefore preventing many people to contract it in the first place.

About the project, Kayla said: "It is so important for us to recognise the need to understand HIV and Aids. The aim of the toolkit is to educate, inspire and equip local people to stand up to injustice and lead HIV projects in their communities. A lack of understanding spreads fear and fear leads to discrimination. Discrimination and stigma prevents people from getting tested and getting the proper healthcare they need. Shared knowledge is shared power and we hope that people around the world take up the challenge and use this toolkit for positive change!"

Thank you to all of the collaborators for sharing this incredibly important body of work with us. We are proud to share this knowledge and hard work with the wider QCT community.


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