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International Women's Day 2020: Meet the young leaders striving for gender equality

International Women’s Day exists to highlight gender inequality around the world, raising awareness of the need for change and celebrating those who are already working towards a fairer and more equal world.

The 2020 theme is #EachForEqual. Inspired by the idea of ‘collective individualism’, highlighting the role of individual actions which collectively create broader, long-lasting change at a global scale.

At QCT we celebrate the actions young people are taking every day to better the communities in which they live, and the world at large. So, in honour of this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re profiling a number of the young leaders QCT is proud to work alongside, all of whom are doing remarkable things in this space, working to change the lives and increase opportunities for women and girls in their local communities and beyond.

Are you passionate about equal opportunities for all, and working to make a difference to the lives of others? Let us know by emailing us here, or get in touch on our social media!

Amna Akhtar and Kiran Kaur, GirlDreamer (UK)

Empowerment platform GirlDreamer is setting out to redefine the sports narrative for women of colour in the UK, whilst supporting female youth in Birmingham through leadership and empowerment programmes.

Committed to encouraging young women of colour to try their hand at adventure sports, GirlDreamer have positively affected the lives of girls through their popular Boarders Without Borders longboarding initiative and their newly launched surfing project – the first women of colour surf group within the UK.

Follow GirlDreamer on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or read more about their partnership with QCT here.

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Felix Richard Manyogote, MAMA Plus (Tanzania)

After losing his aunt during childbirth, Felix founded MAMA Plus, a health education service which uses low cost technologies to improve the healthcare of pregnant women and new-born babies in Tanzania. It provides medically accurate and oftentimes life-saving health information to pregnant women and new parents via mobile phone.

MAMA Plus also provides a free door-to-door antenatal service and is a passionate advocate for male involvement in maternal health. The initiative’s long-term goal is to ensure that no mother should die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Check out Felix’s #QCTxOYW bio here.

Gulnahar Mahbub Monika, Deshi Ballers (Bangladesh)

Deshi Ballers aims to reduce gender discrimination in sport by encouraging women in Bangladesh to play basketball at a competitive level. The project’s mission is to teach and develop female players, whilst instilling life-lessons and values such as character, teamwork, discipline, respect and sportsmanship.

Founder Monika has a long-term goal to shrink the margin of professional sporting opportunity between men and women (with regards to playing, coaching and officiating) and encourage more rural girls to gain confidence through participation in their early years.

Follow Deshi Ballers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, or check out Monika’s #QCTxOYW bio here.

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Sarah Boateng, IGEA Enterprise (Ghana)

Investing in Girls Education in Africa (IGEA) aims to eliminate all barriers blocking girls in Ghana from accessing quality education. As they are currently at the beginning of their organisational journey, they are focusing their efforts on just one of these barriers to start with - period poverty.

Sarah has designed reusable period pad kits to give to schoolgirls, which provide a sanitary and secure alternative that is also environmentally friendly. The material used lasts long enough to give the girls confidence to wear the pads all day at school, before washing them in their own homes at the end of the day – a key necessity as many of the local schools do not have private toilets.

Follow IGEA Enterprise on Instagram and Twitter, or read Sarah's blog post here.

Noriah Tadala Katungwe, Moringa Women Project (Malawi)

Moringa Women Project supports and empowers low-income women to aid in the production and processing of Moringa Tree bi-products.

By equipping local women with sustainable economic skills, Moringa Women Project is building healthier communities, and contributing to a greener planet. The project is also promoting organic production of the drought-tolerant Moringa crop through local greenhouses, whilst using community voices to raise awareness on healthy living.

Check out Noriah's #QCTxOYW bio here.

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Amanda Scott, FireFlies Inc (Grenada)

FireFlies is a female-led initiative focusing on the holistic development of young women and girls, and the role that education plays in their developmental welfare.

Founder Amanda builds on her experience as a teacher to deliver her work with FireFlies and so far she has involved 50 girls in her programme, whilst also encouraging their family members to enlist as volunteers and participate in capacity building sessions, community clean-ups and other outreach programmes.

Check out Amanda's #QCTxOYW bio here.


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