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International Youth Day 2020: Meet the young leaders encouraging youth engagement for global action

International Youth Day 2020 is here, and we are proud to join in to celebrate the remarkable leadership of young people around the world. Across the Commonwealth and beyond, young people are driving positive change within their communities, striving for a fairer, more equal world for all.

Hear from some of the young leaders working hard to change the world for the better:

The theme of International Youth Day 2020 is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”, which seeks to highlight how the engagement of young people at the local, national and global levels can have a positive effect on national institutions and processes, as well identifying how youth representation and engagement in institutional politics can be significantly enhanced.

Learn more about some of the young leaders within the QCT network encouraging youth engagement for global action:

Jean Michel Habineza, iDebate, Rwanda

After growing up as part of the post-genocide generation in Rwanda and witnessing a community still working hard to recover, Jean Michel Habineza founded iDebate Rwanda to equip young people with public speaking and critical thinking skills to enable them to discuss public policy issues and issues affecting their communities in a safe and effective manner.

Follow the work of iDebate Rwanda on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit their website.

Jean Michel Habineza 1
TeamQCT Devika Malik

Devika Malik, Wheeling Happiness, India

Devika Malik is the co-founder of The Wheeling Happiness Foundation, which supports those in need of physical, material, financial and emotional support.

Wheeling Happiness has conducted disability awareness and inclusion workshops in numerous schools and colleges across India, whilst also having advised public and private sector companies on designing inclusive employment and client services strategies. Through accessibility audits, Wheeling Happiness provides counselling, driving lessons, mobility aids and sports equipment to those who need it most, and facilitates access to public and private sector employment for economically disadvantaged people with disabilities.

Follow the work of Wheeling Happiness on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

Kiran Kaur and Amna Akhtar, GirlDreamer, UK

Kiran Kaur and Amna Akhtar are co-founders of GirlDreamer, an empowerment platform for young women of colour which provides leadership development and community initiatives to allow greater access to skills, opportunities and social inclusion.

Through their ‘Boarders Without Borders’ initiative, GirlDreamer are also setting out to redefine the sports narrative, empowering young women of colour to participate in and coach extreme sports such as longboarding and surfing.

Follow the work of GirlDreamer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit their website.

Copy of Amna - Kiran - GirlDreamer - Cofounders

Alexander McLean, Justice Defenders, Africa

Alexander McLean is the founder of Justice Defenders. Formerly known as African Prison’s Project, Justice Defenders works to provide access to legal education training within defenceless prison communities, equipping both prisoners and staff with the knowledge and skills to fight for a fair trial.

Follow the work of Justice Defenders on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit their website.

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Article published: August 2020


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