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QCT’s BIG Impact Survey results are in

At QCT, we champion, fund and connect young leaders who are working hard to change the world. It’s been two years since our public launch and we are now looking to the future as we drive our strategy to become even more youth inspired, youth driven and youth led. We believe it is important that QCT regularly considers its role and purpose, and we are determined to ensure that the investment we make in the services we provide brings about the results young people need.

To help us do this, we launched the BIG Impact Survey in August 2020. The findings are providing key insights into the value and impact of our activities and helping to shape our approach as we look ahead. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey. By sharing your thoughts and honest feedback, you are playing a vital role in informing our work.

The survey was completed by 659 people. Of these, 121 identified as being part of the QCT Network, 118 identified as having interacted with the QCT Resource Hub, and 51 have been featured on QCT’s digital channels. The remaining survey participants were those who clicked through to take the survey from our social media channels or newsletter. To effectively gather and analyse data, we used both quantitative and qualitative measurement and evaluation approaches. Here we are pleased to share with you an overview of some of our key findings.

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*In Aug 2020 QCT conducted an impact survey in which 659 people participated. Of these: *121 respondents identified as being part of the network, **118 interacted with the Resources Hub, and ***51 had featured on QCT’s digital channels.

Growing Skills

Learning together is at the heart of QCT, and our Resources Hub provides access to a range of free leadership and enterprise resources for anyone running a project or just starting out. We were pleased to see 80% of Resources Hub users report that they have improved their leadership skills and 70% have applied learnings to strengthen their project or organisation.

Here’s what one person had to say about building skills with QCT: “I've now ended level 7 of Starting Out with QCT. It gave me an informative and constructive outlook which will now help me within the development process of my project and business plan of making an impact on our world as a changemaker and young leader of the future for a better tomorrow.”

We received some feedback that the resources could be easier to navigate, and people would like to see QCT delivering more business planning and financial management tools. Another respondent asked for more regionally relevant materials: “I would like to see more regional engagements on QCT digital platforms and that it could be my go-to platform for resources." We will be refreshing our Resources Hub over the months ahead and taking these feedback points on board.

On regional relevance, over the last year, QCT has worked closely with founders in sub-Saharan Africa to assess their organisational needs and provide targeted support in key areas. We received several comments in the survey about the value that this technical support from QCT has provided to them and their work alongside funding. We are now looking at how we can share this type of information digitally to a much wider audience, covering key subjects such as safeguarding and risk management, and providing regionally relevant resources and signposts where possible.

Many network members said they would like to collaborate and contribute content towards our digital platforms and resources, which we really appreciate and would love to explore further. Please email us on if you would like to continue the conversation.

Building Confidence

Many people want to make a difference but do not feel confident in their own ability or know how to get started. From this survey, 86% of young people in QCT’s network said they feel more confident in their leadership and expertise because of being involved with QCT. In addition, 80% of those who used our Resources Hub reported they felt more confident in their ability to take positive action to drive impact.

One respondent shared: “Through QCT’s resource hub, I gained confidence that I'll achieve greatly in future projects of providing occasional training (self-employment training) for people with disabilities in India, and help them to learn on their own. [The resource hub] has taught me to engage in multiple projects and boosted my confidence as I have acquired some skills to manage those.”

Part of how we aim to instill confidence is by sharing content that demonstrates the leadership of young people and features relatable role models to inspire and motivate others. We found that 91% of young people in our network feel QCT provides relatable role models in its content. However, this dropped to just below 60% across all survey respondents, some saying they would like to see more representative content and regional diversity, which we are working on.

Of those who featured in content on QCT channels, 92% say it boosted their own confidence. Of those interacting with QCT social media content, 61% said it boosted their confidence. This is promising but we are also considering how we can do more to increase the confidence of others as we plan our upcoming digital content and activities. Keep an eye out for new and improved content on our social channels and Resources Hub over the months ahead!

Driving Action

Building skills and confidence is a vital part of the work we do, but we also know that taking real world action and applying learnings is what makes the difference. We were encouraged to see that 96% of our network say QCT’s content inspires them to take more action to make a positive difference, with 87% saying they have already taken positive action because of QCT.

Some examples we have heard of actions taken include setting up new projects, applying learnings to existing work and upskilling other team members. For example: “[Training] with the QCT team helped me train my volunteers in terms of communication and selling our work online.”

This is an area that we would like to capture much more information on than this survey would allow and we are now looking into other ways for people to share back their stories of action and impact. We would love to hear more about the action you have taken as well as the impact it had, so please get in touch with us on to share your stories and experiences.

Providing Connections

At QCT, we want to connect young leaders to a global network of peers, and the survey found that 86% of our network feel part of a wider movement to drive positive change. For those who have been featured on QCT’s digital platforms, 87% said it generated more interest in their work, and 88% said being featured gave them or their projects more credibility, with one person commenting: “It provided the biggest platform I was ever associated with and helped me gain popularity among key potential partners that support my work.”

When asked what people value most about being part of QCT’s network, the most popular responses were: connections to likeminded others, accessing QCT events, and being featured on QCT platforms. Commenting on the environment of a QCT online discussion, one respondent said: “I loved the way every idea was treated with respect which encouraged a peer to peer learning.”

Although feedback was generally positive, not everyone felt that QCT offered enough in terms of engaging with the network and opportunities to connect with opportunities and others in the network. An overwhelming 97% said they would like to trial a digital platform that would allow them to connect and collaborate with others in the network more easily. Respondents said that they would primarily want to use a platform like this to be able to search projects by theme and location, access new opportunities and connections, and participate in specific work theme groups. Our digital team is now working hard to develop and launch a platform for our network members taking all this feedback into account. Watch this space!

At QCT, we are striving for a world where young people are equal partners in driving change. Our survey showed that only 7% of all respondents feel the world is already like this. This represents a huge opportunity for positive change. We were pleased then to see that 79% of people surveyed felt QCT’s work is making progress in this space, and this rose to 96% when considering young people from our network only.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our valued network of young leaders, our partners and supporters, Team QCT is thriving across the globe and we are looking to the future with an unstoppable optimism about the world we can create together. We would like to say an enormous thank you again to all who took part in our BIG Impact Survey. It has provided a real insight into the progress we have made so far, especially in terms of our digital content, resources and our relationships with those we work with. It has also helped us to identify areas where more impact and improvements can be achieved. The findings are now being taken into careful consideration and put forward into our business planning for 2021 and beyond.

Article published: October 2020


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