Introducing: 10 organisations now working with QCT in Africa

In 2019, we started a new way of grant-making which put young people at the heart of the process. We worked with our global network of young leaders and partners to design and deliver a pilot programme for Africa, home to 19 of the 54 Commonwealth countries, where the average age is 19.

Our network helped us to find young founders leading organisations at a tipping point, where a small amount of money can have a big impact. All are driving change locally, addressing the challenges their communities face, providing practical solutions that work.

We have spent time with the founders and their teams, met people in their communities and discussed how these organisations could achieve more.

Our conversations have helped determine how we can work together to strengthen systems, policies and procedures so the organisations can develop faster, help more people and raise more money. The founders are sharing their insight and experience across our channels so young people around the world can learn from them.

We are delighted to introduce the founders here. Read below for an overview, or click on the hyperlinks to visit their project pages and watch a video introduction from each founder, learn more about their work in a Q&A, and find links to their social channels:

Boundless Minds (Uganda) Plugging the skills gap for students and graduates to drive successful school-to-work transition.

iDebate Rwanda (Rwanda) A secondary schools debate programme for coaching public speaking skills and critical thinking in a post-genocide generation.

Ihandiro Youth Advocates for Nature (IYAN) (Uganda) Championing and delivering conservation and clean energy solutions and providing social enterprise/income opportunities for the local community.

Kisoboka Africa (Uganda) Ensuring financial inclusion through school community savings and loans groups.

Mentoring Assistance for Youths and Entrepreneurs Initiative - MAYEIN (Nigeria) Providing digital literacy education through mobile ICT classes and trainers.

OneDay Health (Uganda) Delivering primary healthcare services in hard-to-reach communities through establishing local health clinics operated by trained nurses.

Planet Green Africa (Malawi) Championing and delivering affordable alternative cooking fuel in the form of eco-friendly charcoal briquettes through a social enterprise model that empowers women and local farmers.

Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative (Tanzania) Fighting antimicrobial resistance through education and training to improve hygiene, sanitation and awareness.

Ukani Malawi (Malawi) Working towards gender equality and female empowerment through holistic programmes that tackle systemic barriers faced by young women and girls in health, education and leadership.

Women in Sustainable Enterprises – WISE (Kenya) Empowering women and girls around Kenya’s Lake Victoria region through alternative sustainable livelihoods and leadership skills development.

Article published: May 2020

Main asset credit: Unsplash

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