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Saturday Art Class: Meet the co-founder - Aayush Bansal

By Aayush Bansal, co-founder of Saturday Art Class.

I am Aayush Bansal, founding partner and Chief Strategy Officer of Saturday Art Class. I am a 25-year-old entrepreneur who started my first business right out of university at the age of 20. This involved bringing some of the top medical device brands from Germany to India and creating a distribution network across West India.

In 2016, I founded a boutique fitness facility in the heart of Mumbai suburbs, Juhu, before converting my passion for marketing and design into a consulting house, BlackCab. 2017 was also the year we began Saturday Art Class – the initiative closest to my heart. As of today, I hold strategic positions in 3 of the businesses I have founded and actively head up my media agency, along with other partners.

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Aayush pictured during Saturday Art Class's coach induction.

My proudest moment

My proudest moment so far has been seeing the Saturday Art Class year end exhibition. This was a unique art event showcasing all the work done by 3,000 of our young artists. It was heart-warming seeing them come in with their parents and seeing what they had created go up at such a large scale. The exhibition was attended by over 1,000 other art and social good supporters, as well as past donors.

Dealing with failure

It was very challenging, at our young age, to take up the task of establishing a social enterprise in the education space in India. In any entrepreneurial journey, failure is abundant. When faced with failure, my attitude was always to ‘keep sharpening the knife’ and adding to the arsenal of skills and experiences. Once you look at failure with this perspective, it doesn’t seem as daunting.

week 7 (1)

Aayush is most proud of showcasing the work created by the young artists involved in Saturday Art Class.

Future goals

The future goal for us is to learn the art of sustainable scalability, especially in the social sector. We wish to harness our social brand value, our reach and our skills as an organisation to create income centres which allow our organisation to scale and deliver sustainably.

My top 3 tips for young people who starting out

If you’re thinking of starting out, my top 3 tips for you would be:

1. Create a vision. I think it is really important to understand where the idea stems from and what value one wishes to create using the idea in the long term. I believe that any strong business idea must consider a minimum of a 5-year horizon, and that any organisation must be able to create enough differentiated value for its stakeholders. 2. Take your time. Not being in a hurry is also a very important lesson I have learned. Fresh ideas will come in abundance, but no idea is of value unless backed with the right plan, resources and execution. 3. Stay on-brand. Brand value is a perception of what your audience believes your product/service is. In today’s digital era, one must be able to accurately reflect what their brand stands for at all times, so as to create value for it across all touch points. I truly believe that brand value has become one of the most important assets in an organisation’s Profit & Loss sheet.

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Article published: May 2020


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