QCT partner CAMFED Association (CAMA) is a pan-African movement working to revolutionise girls’ education.

Philanthropy and Trusts

Do you want to make a lasting difference? A donation from you or your trust could help unlock the potential of a young person to create a better future for everyone through our unique champion, fund and connect offer. We work with young people who run social enterprises that solve global problems at a community level. They are talented, trusted, influential leaders locally. We find and fund these ventures when they are at a tipping point, when a small amount of money and support will propel growth and results. Philanthropic giving through QCT offers you a crucial role in helping these young leaders fight some of the most pressing issues the world faces today.

Our commitment to you is to bring you closer to the communities you support and show you the impact you are making. We will share with you updates from the young leaders, opportunities to join events, and all the benefits of belonging to a growing network of support.

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